Welcome to Shdon.digital, the brand of Eliav Ser. We invite you to partner with us on an exciting journey. Embark with us on a dynamic journey to shape the future of technology and human connection. We're not just creating businesses; we're building a community where everyone wins.

At Shdon.Digital, we're driven by four core principles:

  • Leadership: Steering the future with visionary insights.
  • Technology: Harnessing the power of digital advancement.
  • Excellence: Striving for the highest standards in all we do.
  • Innovation: Constantly seeking creative and effective solutions

The Imp-Act Marketing Method

Discover our unique approach: the Imp-Act Marketing method. This strategy can be explored independently in our community of marketing changemakers or through direct collaboration with us for tailored implementation.


A Revolutionary Approach to Marketing

IMP-ACT MARKETING is not just a strategy but a worldview. It recognizes marketing as a powerful agent for change, adding value, and serving those we lead. In today's digital era, the realm of 'impossible' is redefined, allowing us to reach individuals instantly, gauge performance precisely, and cultivate communities to strengthen business and personal brands.

The Impacteam Community

Join over 600 impact members in our community. These are marketing leaders dedicated to leveraging digital tools for community-based branding and creating change at every level.

The Entrepreneurial Journal of Eliav Ser

1095 days on the journey to build imP-Act.

imP-Act Your Story. Become market leader

Explore our comprehensive blog for insights and discussions on brand communities, digital innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Meet Eliav Ser

Growth Specialist in Technological Businesses

Hello, I'm Eliav Ser, known since age 13 as the "digital Imp". I'm a self-taught tech enthusiast, social, business, and technological entrepreneur. I began my journey in sales and marketing at 14, viewing marketing as a powerful tool for impactful change.

My Expertise

With over 18 years of experience, I specialize in creating and growing Community Brand-based businesses. I am adept at developing scalable demand, constructing leading product marketing strategies, and driving revenue growth.

My Beliefs and Contributions

I firmly believe in the power of Community Brand in the digital age for real growth. My focus areas include innovation, technological business, Impact, and HRTech, along with recent ventures into AI Content. I founded Shdon.Digital, my first business, over 18 years ago and have been actively involved in numerous initiatives and campaigns.

My Journey

From a young participant in Morris Kahn's LEAD program to a Major in reserve service, my journey has been diverse and impactful. I have a strong background in political campaign management, creating over 200 landing pages, and leading numerous community initiatives.

Companions on the Way

Creating Change in a Digital Age

Community-Centric Marketing Core

Discover how to effectuate change in the digital era by focusing on community-centered marketing strategies.

Growing Together

Advancing Life and Business Join us in a mutual journey of rapid and scalable growth, both in life and business.