Day 52 of 1095: Letting Go of What Others Think About Us

שיתוף פוסט זה

Today was a day of two halves: a day of mourning, pain, and loss, followed by a day of rest, planning, and focus by the sea, preparing for the days ahead.

I revisited the live videos I recorded of myself practicing meditation, turning them into audio so I could listen during my travels and workouts. As I contemplate my mission to change the world through marketing, the thought of leading and driving change in people's lives—specifically, in the lives of tech entrepreneurs—is both exciting and daunting.

When I asked myself what others might say about this, it sent me into even greater anxiety. But then I remembered: what we believe others think about us stems from our own inner world; it's an embodiment of our own fears and apprehensions.

Here's another interesting insight: what people actually say about us comes from their own world; it's not about us, it's about them. It arises from their own fears, concerns, desires, and wants.

We are subjective creatures, and this is an important lesson for entrepreneurs to learn: we can let go of what others think.


  1. Not everyone will love what you do.
  2. Not everyone will connect with you.
  3. Not everyone will believe in you.
  4. Not every investor will invest in you. In fact, most won't.
  5. Not every person you talk to, meet, or even have coffee with will become your partner on this journey.


We only need to find those who will love, connect, say yes, and want to be a part of our journey.

I'll reiterate my plan to change the world: Practically, I aim to reach dozens of entrepreneurs and startups each year. Over the next 20 years, I will impact hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups. I intend to make this impact through automation and technology, enabling me to do this at scale, faster, and reach many more entrepreneurs worldwide.

As entrepreneurs, how do you plan to change the world?

Practically, try to understand which focused audience you wish to lead and drive change for. In which small market can you create the best ripple effect to make a difference?

That's all for today. See you tomorrow (yes, with more professional content too…)

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